Construction & materials of Casper mattress

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The Casper mattress was rated 2.3 test winners. We slept a few months on the mattress and tell you about our experiences with the Casper mattress.

Construction & materials of Casper mattress

The Casper mattress is 24 cm high and consists of 4 layers. The individual layers are structured as follows:

Layer 1: Open-pored latex layer

The open-pored 3.7 cm high latex layer is hypoallergenic latex. This layer serves to provide a cool and comfortable sleeping climate. In this way, nocturnal sweating is reduced and moisture and heat are dissipated. The open pores continue to ensure optimal air circulation, which helps to prevent mold. The density of this layer is 65 kg / m³.

Layer 2: memory foam

The memory foam layer is a material that has a high density and can, therefore, score points above all else through perfect pressure relief. The body heat ensures that the material is very adaptable and ideally plays around the body. The density of this layer is 52 kg / m³ and it is 3.7 cm high.

Layer 3: transition foam

Put simply, the transition foam layer ensures outstanding body adaptation. It prevents unhealthy postures and gives a good feeling of lying. Very characteristic of this layer is that it supports each body part individually and comfortably. The density of this layer is 45 kg / m³. This layer is 3,7 cm high.

Layer 4: cold foam

The last layer of the Casper mattress is made of cold foam, which underlines the support function. It is about 12.9 cm high. The high strength prevents cooling and low places in the mattress. Not only the spine and muscles are spared, but this factor also has a positive effect on longevity. The density of this layer is 31 kg / m³.

A peculiarity that impresses the relationship of the Casper is two different colors. While the lower part is kept in gray, the lying surface appears creamy white. A circumferential zipper separates the two parts, so they can be washed separately if necessary. Qualitatively makes the zipper a good impression on us and works even after repeated use still perfectly.

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